'Let's Get Active 2C'

Welcome students and parents to 'Lets Get Active'. This page will guide you to some great physical activities which our class has been participating in during this year. This term we have been working as a class to think of our own 'Wonderful and Wacky Warm Up Games' to use before our PE activities. Each Warm up game uses both team sport and individual sport, and uses lots of different types of equipments. In year 2 we are working on:

- Locomotor Skills of catching and throwing a ball

- Our skills of sprinting, running, jogging and jumping

- Working within a team and using our own individual skills to succeed

- Improving our own skills within sports and physical activities and;


Below I have added a link to some of our great warm up games we have been participating in during sports time. Havea look, you may want to play these in your sports clubs or with your friends! Have a go, LETS GET ACTIVE 2C!

Remember: Try and get active at least 3 times a week for half and hour!!

Wonderful and Wacky Warm Up Games people-running-and-jumping.jpg